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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

MBA First year (First Semester) MBA – 2107/50707: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SKILLS SYLLABUS

To acquaint the students with fundamentals of communication, help them honing oral, written and non-verbal communication skills and to transform their communication abilities.
Unit – I Purpose and process of communication; myths and realities of communication; paths of communication; oral communication; noise, barriers to communication; listening process, types of listening, deterrents to listening process, essentials of good listening; telephonic communication.
Unit – II Presentation skills; prerequisites of effective presentation, format of presentation; Assertiveness – indicators of assertive behaviour, strategies of assertive behaviour; Communication skills for group discussion and interviews.
Unit – III Non verbal communication; gestures, handshakes, gazes, smiles, hand movements, styles of working, voice modulations, body sport for interviews; business etiquettes; business dining, business manners of people of different cultures, managing customer care.
Unit – IV Written communication; mechanics of writing, report writing, circulars, notices, memos, agenda and minutes; business correspondence-business letter format, style of letter arrangement, types of letters, telex managers, facsimiles, electronic mail; diary writing; development resume.
Suggested Readings:
1. Kaul, Asha, Business Communication, PHI, New Delhi.
2. Kaul, Asha, Effective Business Communication, PHI, New Delhi.
3. Chaturvedi, P.D., and Mukesh Chaturvedi, Business Communication, Pearson Education
4. McGrath, E.H., Basic Managerial Skills for All, PHI, New Delhi

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